Using CBD Oil To Fight Addiction

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For years, marijuana has been called the gateway drug, implying it will result in taking more hardcore drugs. Though this could be true for some people, the street goes both ways. Cannabis could also be the way for those addicted to hardcore drugs to beat their addiction.

Unlike heroin, opiates, or methamphetamine, which ultimately takes over a user’s life, cannabis has been shown to be used easily without major negative effects or personal fallouts, under the presumption it’s legal at the time and location of usage.

Can CBD Oil Actually Be Used To Defeat Addiction?

So, what if marijuana introduces chemicals that ends up preventing a user from quitting their opioid addiction? The Society for Neurosciences witnessed things in their studied that showed cannabis could end up being a great source for those wishing to combat addiction.

The Scripp’s Research study Institute in La Jolla, California reported their research study showed the primary non-psychoactive marijuana chemical, cannabidiol (CBD), can stop urges for a specific drug. In their study, there were rats trained for over 3 months to compulsively want a specific drug, and CBD helped to minimize that desire.

Using Marijuana And CBD To Fight Addiction

Scientists enabled rats to dope themselves at-will with the drug. Eventually, they ended up being addicted. At the end of the experiment, they provided a few of the animals transdermal spots that gave an infusion of cannabidiol.

Rats that got the spots had a lowered drug consumption, whereas the ones that didn’t continued to consume as much of the drug as they did in the past. Miguel Hernandez, scientist at the University of Spain, reported on a preliminary research study revealing that cannabidiol decreased alcohol intake, along with the desire and any impulse to drink more.

Using Marijuana To Fight Opioid Addiction

Another possible method being talked about would be to use THC to guide those with pain problems far from opioids. A chemical in marijuana, known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), can relieve pain. However, it’s the chemical in cannabis responsible for making the user high.

Marijuana is chemically complicated, and the plant’s restorative capacity comes packed with complications. The active chemicals in marijuana may lower yearnings for some drugs, they could produce slight addiction by themselves – especially THC.

State by state choices are being made about the sale, circulation, and growing of cannabis. With several states trying out legal marijuana, favorable outcomes are being found in through increased tax income, decreased domestic abuse calls, less alcohol-related problems, and less DUI arrests. This innocent plant might restore its innocence and clear its name after all.